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Crown Heights residents joined with city and state officials outside a large apartment complex on Sunday to denounce one of New York’s largest real estate developers for abruptly revoking the rent-regulation status of almost 700 apartments in the building.

In early October, tenants in the Brooklyn Jewish Hospital apartment complex in Crown Heights received lease renewal forms indicating that their apartments would no longer be rent-regulated. In some cases, the monthly rent increased by 20 percent, according to speakers at Sunday’s rally.

“I don’t know of another play that was inspired by someone and then that someone ends up being in the audience,” Karen Malpede told a packed house on Thursday after the Theater for the New City had just wrapped another production of her latest play which explores the personal lives of scientists who speak out about climate change.

Each Oct. 7 for the past three years, on the anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, members of Veterans For Peace and their allies have gathered at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Lower Manhattan for a soulful ceremony. Their purpose: to mark another year of the war in Afghanistan and call for peace, to honor all whose lives are destroyed by war, and to expand the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

When President Obama said he intended to strike Syria last year after the Assad regime launched a chemical weapons attack, anti-war sentiment surged in the U.S. Phone calls and e-mails poured into Congressional offices with one message: don’t bomb Syria. The president eventually backed off from his plan after agreeing to a Russian proposal that saw President Bashar al-Assad get rid of his chemical weapons.

A passionate coalition of teachers and students in Jefferson County, Colorado are continuing their fight against censorship this week, employing some of the very tactics the conservative school board wants to eliminate from history textbooks.

Black "innocence" always has to be proven and depends on attaining a "respectability" defined by white mores and the white gaze.

He lay for hours, face down; blood trickled from his body into the street as an angry crowd gathered. In a cellphone video of the scene, a man yelled, "They could have just Tased him. That's some bullshit." Neighbors stared at his death, knowing, how easily it could have been their own while a cop laid a sheet over the young man.

“What is overwhelming about the climate challenge is that it requires breaking so many rules at once.” Naomi Klein

The Metropolitan Museum of Art honored billionaire energy magnate David H. Koch on September 9 for the $65 million he donated toward the remodeling of the plaza that flanks the museum’s entrance and now carries his name. On the same day the U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) released a report showing that levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere were growing at a record-breaking pace.

Zephyr Teachout, the progressive candidate who challenged Governor Andrew Cuomo in this year’s Democratic Party primary, joined a chorus of activists outside City Hall on Monday in warning that the possible merger of cable giants Comcast and Time Warner, as well as proposed regulations to weaken net neutrality laws, would turn over control of the Internet to a handful of corporations.

On September 12, the NYC Light Brigade and the Illuminator crew lit up the Brooklyn Bridge in anticipation of this Sunday's People's Climate March — check out the scene in the video. We also hear from Frederick, a Light Brigade participant and Barbados native. "The rising ocean currents, it could be disastrous," he said. "How could I not be involved?"