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When 15-year-old Tariq Abu Khdeir left his home in Florida to begin a six-week summer vacation in Palestine, he expected to visit some of the region’s holy sites and spend time with his family, who he had not seen in 11 years. When he left, Abu Khdeir was the center of an international incident after video of his brutal beating and arrest by Israeli police was posted on the Internet. The incident happened a day after his cousin, 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was kidnapped by Israelis and taken to the woods outside Jerusalem where he was beaten and burned alive.

FERGUSON, Missouri–Thousands filled the streets of Ferguson Saturday to protest the police killing of African-American youth Michael Brown, Jr., Aug. 9 and the harsh police response to subsequent demonstrations. After a week of police using tear gas, flash grenades, and rubber bullets against angry community protests, today’s rally and march, which included supporters from around the country, was nonviolent but spirited.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board passed a resolution Wednesday enabling it to work more closely with the New York City Police Department to negotiate plea deals for officers accused of misconduct even as critics challenged the independence of the oversight board, which is struggling to be taken seriously by both the community and the NYPD.

The livelihoods of tens of thousands of women and children from Central America remain precarious for the month of August. 

President Obama’s White House Summit on Working Families is raising awareness that the fundamental inadequacy of child care in the US is a universal problem.  However, the President needs to do more to ensure that the federal government develops and funds universal policies to address U.S.

Climate change activists representing a sprawling coalition of more than 500 groups vowed Wednesday at a Times Square press conference to deliver the largest climate change protest in history when world leaders gather in New York in September. 

Domino Sugar Factory
Brooklyn, New York

“Please sign a waiver, this is private property and a live construction sight.”

Inside, my nostrils are filled with the smell of an old; rusted steel and heavy breathing – the scent that once clung to my grandmother’s clothing after hours of working metal through sheer fabric. I imagine this is what her bones smell like.

“Every time you see me, you wanna mess with me!” Eric Garner yelled at police last Thursday shortly before he was killed. “I’m tired of it. This stops today!”

On Monday afternoon anti-police brutality activists took Garner’s words to heart as they held a heavily attended sidewalk press conference and rally outside City Hall to call for sweeping changes to the New York Police Department.

It was a startling scene on Monday outside a pro-Israel press conference in downtown Manhattan. Scores of protestors, separated from their representatives by yards of concrete, police barriers and metal gates, shouted down the small group of New York politicians and reporters huddled together in front of City Hall like emperor penguins.